Henrik Adamsen


Karen Knorr

World Press Photo’s 2014

Philippe Lopez, France, Agence France-Presse Tyler Hicks, USA, The New York Times Goran Tomasevic, Serbia, Reuters Christopher Vanegas, Mexico, La Vanguardia / El Guardían Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, USA, for Time Fred Ramos, El… Continue reading

Andrei Alexandru ‎

Africa portrait, José Ferreira

Tatsuo Suzuki

Félix Bonfils


Lomen Brothers

Matthew James Arthur Payne

Kenyon Manchego

Neave Bozorgi

Jordi Gual


Walker Evans

Sergey Korolkov

Nirrimi Hakanson


Hiroh Kikai

William Ropp

Leonard Freed

Werner Bischof

Luis Gonzalez Palma

Lisa Kristine

“Few artists know how to capture the diversity and dignity of indigenous people. Lisa Kristine’s portraits exquisitely convey their silenced messages.” Cosette Thompson, Amnesty International Acclaimed humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine specializes in images… Continue reading

Plight of the Yazidis, Rodi Said

Aart Klein

Donata Wenders


Toy Stories, Gabriele Galimberti

Andrei Alexandru

Justin Mott

Bruce Weber

Abid Mian Lal Mian Syed

Thomas Babeau

Stephen Dupont


Eskil Olsen

Lola Alvarez Bravo


Raymond Depardon

Manuel Álvarez Bravo


Manuel Álvarez Bravo


Jaylie Wong


Aaron Siskind


The Dinka People, Casper Hedberg

After 25 years of civil war, the Dinka people are now back to normal life in South Sudan. A way of life that hasn’t changed much since ancient time. South Sudan offers the… Continue reading

Mihnea Turcu

. .

Aaron Favila


Kevin Frayer

Kevin Frayer is an award -winning photojournalist based in Asia. Frayer is formerly a National photographer at the Canadian Press and a Chief Photographer for the Associated Press based in the Gaza Strip,… Continue reading

Paul Bellaart


Fira Alexandra

Lothar Wolleh

XY XX, Fosi Vegue


Christer Strömholm


Ernst Haas

Muchas gracias a todos

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