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Globe transparency, Lynn Bianchi

Lynn Bianchi is a New York City-based fine art photographer and multi-media artist who has shown work in over thirty solo exhibitions and in museums worldwide, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography,… Continue reading

Impermanent Beauty, Henrik Isaksson Garnell

Born in januari 1987, childhood 2 miles outside stockholm. Lives / works now in a house in the forrest outside stockholm. Henrik Isaksson Garnell works sculptural and scientific in his pictures He gives… Continue reading

Miwa Yanag

Kalliope Amorphous

  My images reflect my love of mythology, paradox, and the juxtaposition of light and dark, beauty and beast. I am continually drawn to concepts involving the subconscious, alienation, time, memory, deconstruction, duality,… Continue reading

Karen Knorr

Ilya Kisaradov


Vladimir Clavijo

Garin Horner


Proyecto Theotokopoulos

Theotokopoulos es un proyecto que consiste en un conjunto de intervenciones culturales en la ciudad de Toledo que pretende contribuir al reconocimiento de la figura del Greco, durante la conmemoración del IV centenario… Continue reading

Meriem Bouderbala


Gonzalo Bénard


Danielle Tunstall


pj reptilehouse


Jarek Kubicki


Misha Gordin


Joan Vilatobà i Fígols



Angélina Nové


Autorretratos en 5 segundos, Paula Herrera

Esta obra habla acerca de la necesidad de construir una identidad que incluya todo aquello que aparentemente está fuera de lo legitimado -en términos de sanidad y equilibrio- en mi autobiografía: la idea… Continue reading

John Santerineross

John Santerineross is an American photographer with a background in ceramics and painting. He is considered to be a “neo-symbolist”, an artist that continues or reinterprets the 19th century art movement Symbolism. Like… Continue reading

Thaipusam, Chris McGrath


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