Colin Delfosse

Colin Delfosse, 1981, Belgium, is a documentary photographer who studied Journalism. Together with three other photographers he founded the Out of Focus collective in 2005. As a collective (5 photographers) they focus on social issues. One of his latest projects focuses on Kazakhstan where he concentrates on the Soviet legacy in the country, still visually present. In […]

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André Kertész

Perhaps more than any other photographer, Andre Kertesz discovered and demonstrated the special aesthetic of the small camera. These beautiful little machines seemed at first hardly serious enough for the typical professional, with his straightforward and factual approach to the subject. Most of those who did use small cameras tried to make them do what […]

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Adriana Lestido

  Nació en Buenos Aires en 1955. Vive en Buenos Aires y Mar de las Pampas, Argentina. Adriana Lestido comenzó estudiando fotografía en 1979, en la Escuela de Arte y Técnicas Audiovisuales de Avellaneda. Entre 1982 y 1995 trabajó como fotoperiodista para el diario La Voz, la Agencia Diarios y Noticias (DyN) y el diario […]

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Kevin Frayer

Kevin Frayer is an award -winning photojournalist based in Asia. Frayer is formerly a National photographer at the Canadian Press and a Chief Photographer for the Associated Press based in the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, and New Delhi, India and is currently working with Getty Images. His photographs have been widely published in leading newspapers, magazines […]

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Anders Hansson

Anders started out as a full time photograper in 1998 after studying Sociology and languages in addition to working as a journalist during the 90’s. Since 2000 he has been covering social issues around the world. From Kongo and Benin in Africa to Svalbard in the Arctic north – always with the common man in […]

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