Engin Altundağ

Engin was born in 1985 in Adana. After finishing school he studied diverse arts at several Universities. Amongst others he studied Photograph ASD at the art faculty of Kocaeli University, Izmit. His interest in photographing begun in his early high school years, thus he started working as photographer assistant in the first semesters of university. […]

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Art Kane

Art Kane (1925 – 1995) was one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century. A bold visionary, Kane’s work encompassed fashion, editorial, celebrity portraiture, travel, and nudes with a relentless and innovative eye. Like his contemporaries, Guy Bourdin (1928 – 1991) and Helmut Newton (1924 – 2004), Kane gravitated toward strong color, eroticism […]

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Bettina Rheims

    Bettina Rheims, born in Paris in 1952, first exhibited her work in 1981 at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. As a photographer of fashion and advertisement, Rheims is renowned for her ability to combine commercial and artistic work. Her publications include Modern Lovers (Paris Audiovisuel, 1990) and Female Trouble (Schirmer-Mosel, 1989) as […]

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Josef Breitenbach

Josef Breitenbach was born on the 3rd of April 1896 into a middle-class wine-merchant family of Jewish descent. He attended technical high school from 1912–15 and trained as a salesman for an instrument firm and later as a book keeper for an insurance firm. He attended Ludwig-Maximillian University in Munich (philosophy and art history, 1914 […]

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Andreas Feininger

Feininger (1906 – 1999) combined an architect’s love of precision, space, and technique with an artist’s love of sweeping vistas. Although an American citizen, Feininger did not come to the United States until he was 33. Son of the late acclaimed artist Lyonel Feininger, he was born in Paris in 1906, and graduated with highest […]

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thomas ruff

Thomas Ruff’s photography suggests the possibilities of his chosen medium, as he might use digital manipulation for one subject and antiquated darkroom techniques for another. Ruff works in series, creating defined bodies of work whose subjects include empty domestic interiors, appropriated interplanetary images captured by NASA, abstractions of modernist architecture, three-dimensional computer-generated Pop imagery, and […]

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Luke Wolagiewicz

Luke Wolagiewicz lives in London. Over the last 15 years he has worked across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa, focusing his attention on contemporary political and social issues. His work has been published in The New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, USA Today, The Financial Times, Le Figaro Magazine, The Economist, The Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Stern, Der […]

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Emilio Morenatti

  Emilio Morenatti, a native of Spain who studied graphic design, started working as a photojournalist for a local newspaper in 1989. In 1992, he joined the Spanish news agency Efe. He has worked exclusively for the Associated Press since March 2004. In 2009, Pictures of the Year International named him newspaper photographer of the […]

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Jeanloup Sieff

  Jeanloup Sieff (November 30, 1933 – 20 September 2000) was a fashion photographer. Sieff was born in Paris to parents of Polish origin. His interest in photography was first piqued when he received a Photax plastic camera as a birthday gift for his fourteenth birthday. He recalled his holidays in Polish winter resort of […]

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Adriana Zehbrauskas

ADRIANA ZEHBRAUSKAS was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She received a degree in Journalism and moved to Paris where she studied Linguistics and Phonetics at the Sorbonne Nouvelle. She worked as a staff photographer for Folha de S. Paulo, in Brazil, for 11 years, traveling extensively throughout the country and abroad.. As a free-lancer photojurnalist based […]

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