Melanie Blanding

Doctors on Call for Service (DOCS) treat victims of sexual violence in Goma, North Kivu, including this woman who’s eye was gauged with a stick. Some women suffered more severe damage than others. DOCS performed surgeries on each of them, but when surgery proved unsuccessful, the organization rented land to house 18 women in Ndosho, […]

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The Black Hours, Patricia Aridjis

A photographic essay of women in prison. By Patricia Aridjis. “What would you do if I mugged you?”- Natalia asked mischievously. -You wouldn’t- I answered. When Juan Carlos the inmate’s five-year old son over heard us he screamed, -“Don’t do it mom! don’t! or you’ll end up in jail!”- -“Jail does not exist”- she said […]

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