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Fleeing ISIS, Syrian Kurds Swarm into Turkey, Bulent Kilic

Gaza life, Zoriah

Plight of the Yazidis, Rodi Said



Sangre, Diego Levy

Ross McDonnell

Niclas Hammarstrom


Carlos Becerra


Blood, Fear and Ritual: Witness to Female Circumcision in Kenya, Meeri Koutaniemi


Melanie Blanding

Doctors on Call for Service (DOCS) treat victims of sexual violence in Goma, North Kivu, including this woman who’s eye was gauged with a stick. Some women suffered more severe damage than others.… Continue reading

The Black Hours, Patricia Aridjis

A photographic essay of women in prison. By Patricia Aridjis. “What would you do if I mugged you?”- Natalia asked mischievously. -You wouldn’t- I answered. When Juan Carlos the inmate’s five-year old son… Continue reading

Gerda Taro


Linda Forsell

My name is Linda Forsell, I am a Swedish photographer and journalist based in New York. I work both on shorter assignments and long projects. Together with Karin Alfredsson and Kerstin Weigl I… Continue reading

Robert Capa


Moises Saman

  wired Works

On The Shore of a Vanishing Island, Ghoramara, Daesung Lee

Since 1980 Ghoramara island, found on a delta region in West Bengal, has lost 50 percent of its terrain to the rising seas as a result of climate change, causing two thirds of… Continue reading

Luca Desienna


Erwin Olaf




Tim Hetherington


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