Katherine Melançon

My practice is about the basic complexity of life and its ever coherent evolution.
Our brain controls our perception and hides things from us; our senses are limiters (Bergson).
Accordingly, in order to show life’s DNA, I am trying to bypass our physical restrictions.
My work attempts to ask: what if the world is not really as we see it?
In questionning reality, I want to question the concepts of objectivity, statu quo and dogmas but also the domination of day to day pragmatism.
This is translated in my work by questionning the Materials to create new connections:
projecting light on Coca-Cola or laying meat on a scanner, therefore blurring the macro and the micro, blending representation and abstraction, showing the organic organized as it is inorganic unravelling the result of their contamination.
This questionning is embedded in my work process, a continuous loop between experimentation and results.


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