TIME Picks the Most Surprising Photos of 2011 ( 2 )

James Akena / Reuters
Police spray Ugandan opposition leaders with colored water during demonstrations in the capital of Kampala on May 10, 2011. President Yoweri Museveni vowed to crush the protests and blamed rising food and fuel costs on drought and global increases in oil prices.

Baz Ratner—Reuters
May 15, 2011. An undercover Israeli policeman dressed as a Palestinian woman opens a car door after detaining a Palestinian protester during clashes in Shuafat refugee camp, in the West Bank near Jerusalem. Israeli security forces had been on alert for violence on Sunday, the day Palestinians mourn the “Nakba,” or catastrophe, of Israel’s founding in a 1948 war, when hundreds of thousands of their brethren fled or were forced to leave their homes.

Dario Lopez-Mills—AP Photo
May 16, 2011. The hand of a corpse hangs from a bed with a syringe that is being used by forensic experts at a makeshift morgue inside a refrigerated container as they try to identify bodies found in mass clandestine graves in Durango, Mexico.

Ingolfur Juliusson—Reuters
May 26, 2011. Icebergs covered in ash from the Grimsvotn volcano eruption, in the glacier lagoon at the base of Vatnajokull, Iceland.

Dwi Oblo—Reuters
May 29, 2011. The shadow of a worker using a stick to club a dog before slaughter is seen, at Bambanglipuro village in Bantul, near the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta. The Suwardi family has been running a dog slaughter business since 1985, and up to 30 dogs are killed everyday for their meat, which consumers believe can cure skin diseases and boost vitality.

Government of Quintana Roo-Secretary of State for Public Security/Reuters
July 2, 2011. Prison guards stand around inmate Juan Ramirez Tijerina as he hides in a suitcase during an escape attempt from a prison in Chetumal. Tijerina tried to escape from prison by hiding inside the suitcase after a conjugal visit.

Sally and Duane—Reuters
July 12, 2011. An imprint of an owl is seen on the window of a house. The homeowners returned from holiday to find the imprint on the window of their house in Kendal, north west England.

Wong Maye-E—AP Photo
June 29, 2011. People are dwarfed by the structure of “Supertrees” seen against the financial skyline of Singapore. These “Supertrees” are vertical gardens, embedded with environmentally sustainable functions and range from 25-50-meters in height, and are part of the government’s efforts to bring their national gardens into the city center.

Jason Lee—Reuters
July 29, 2011. 16-year-old Qian Hongyan, from the Yunzhinan Swimming Club for the handicapped, practices during a daily training session at a swimming centre in Kunming, China’s Yunnan province. About 30 disabled athletes from the club ages 10 to 22 are training for the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Yan Yan—Xinhua/ZUMAPRESS.com
August 9, 2011. Yuan Zichao, principal of Xichan Primary School, plays with students on the ”playground,” a big stone, in Pingshun, north China’s Shanxi Province.There are dozens of ”mini schools” scattered in the mountainous areas of Pingshun, each having less than 10 people including students and teacher.

Dwi Oblo—Reuters
August 15, 2011. Villagers attempt to catch a chicken thrown by worshippers into a volcanic crater during the annual Kasada festival at Mount Bromo in Indonesia’s East Java province. Villagers and worshippers throw offerings such as livestock and other crops into the volcanic crater to give thanks to the Hindu gods for ensuring their safety and prosperity.

Pedro Armestre—AFP/Getty Images
August 16, 2011. A woman’s confession to a priest at one of the 200 temporary confessionals set up at Madrid’s Buen Retiro park. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims gathered in Madrid for a giant open-air mass, launching a six-day youth party for Pope Benedict XVI at a time of economic hardship in Spain.

Franklin Reyes—AP Photo
September 2, 2011. A dog known as ‘Yeti’ nurses adopted piglets in Camaguey, Cuba. Yeti has been pulling double-duty nursing not just her own young but also the 14 swine.

Daniel Munoz—Reuters
September 6, 2011. Police officers rescue a girl who was held hostage by a man in Parramatta, an outer Sydney suburb. A man claiming to be carrying a bomb occupied a legal office in Sydney, holding his daughter captive in a security scare believed to be linked to a custody dispute.

Steven Senne—AP Photo
September 28, 2011. A cat with two faces, named Frank and Louie, sits on a mat in his home in Worcester, Massachusetts. The animal is known as a Janus cat, named for the figure in Roman mythology with two faces on one head.

Jeff Beiermann—AP Photo/The Omaha World-Herald
October 25, 2011. Corey Mcintosh harvests what’s left of his uncle’s corn field on the Missouri River bottom west of Loveland, Iowa.

Carlos Jasso—Reuters
October 29, 2011. Sex workers wearing skeleton masks, which represent the Day of the Dead, participate in a procession in Mexico City.


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