The Smithsonian magazine’s 9th annual photo contest

TEALA ABOVE AND BELOW WATER Redding, California, July 2010 (Bridget Bailey/Redding, California)

DISGUISED FUN Kolkata, India, April 2009 (Somnath Mukherjee/Kolkata, India)

THE FLOWER GIRL Boston, Massachusetts, June 2011 (Joseph Richard/Altomonte Springs, Florida)

99 CENT DREAMS New York City, New York, December 2010 (Nancy Breslin/Newark, Delaware

SAMANTHA ON HER FARM Connorsville, Wisconsin, May 2011 (Bernadette Pollard/St. Paul, Minnesota)

OLD MINE ON RED MOUNTAIN PASS Ouray, Colorado, October 2009 (Robert Castellino/Lafayette, Colorado)

AN ANHINGA EMERGES TO SWALLOW HIS DINNER Jacksonville, Florida, June 2011 (Savannah Whitwam/Jacksonville, Florida)

A PRAYING MANTIS AS THE SUN RISES OVER THE EVERGLADES Everglades National Park, Florida (Paul Marcellini/Miami, Florida)

MOONRISE OVER NORTHERN LIGHTS Northern Alaska, March 2011 (Ben Hattenbach/Los Angeles, California)

CLAMMING AT THE OREGON COAST Garibaldi, Oregon, June 2010 (Lucy Chien/Alexandria, Virginia)

WOMEN MAKING TRADITIONAL ART Rajasthan, India, November 2010 (Chetan Soni/MadhyaPradesh, India)

SUNSET CLAMMING Xiapu, Fujian, China, January 2009 (Jia Han Dong/Parsippany, New Jersey)

HOUSE COLLAGE Sikkim, West Bengal, October 2010 (Shyamal Das/Kolkata, India)

PACKED IN THE CABIN OF A TRAIN TO JODPHUR Jaipur, India, January 2011 (Ho Lee/Hong Kong, China)


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