Peter Stewart




Australian photographer Peter Stewart has found a novel photographic perspective on one of the most populated places in the world – Kong Kong. In his mesmerizing “Stacked – Hong Kong” photo series, the photographer finds beauty in the region’s monotonously expansive skyline, focusing on unexpected viewpoints to capture the never-ending urban mosaics of never-ending public housing towers. His photos look up from the ground floor of tall towers and look down from the top flights of tall stairways.

“Shooting this type of photography is a lot easier than you might think,” Stewart told thecreatorsproject. “All it takes really is a keen eye for finding the beauty in the monotonous; the everyday structures that we often fail to appreciate,“ adding that “it’s easier at night when there is less foot traffic around and you can easily sneak into areas like stairwells or alleyways between buildings without anyone taking notice.“

More info: | Blog | Flickr | Facebook | Twitter

(h/t: designboomthecreatorsproject)

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