Jurij Treskow was born in 1984 in Polozk (Belarus) and grew up in Brest (Belarus). At the age of 17 he moved to Germany. In 2008 Jurij started doing photography in Berlin.

In 2009 he settled in Paris to become a professional photographer.

Treskow’s work is characterised by an intuitive sense of sexuality and attention to detail. In his mostly Black & White pictures, his favorite subject is a woman, a femme fatale – strong, confident and reckless.

Treskow’s photographs have been featured in Numero Russia, Esquire Russia , Elle Ukraine, Interview Russia, Grazia France, OOB Magazine, Sobaka Russia, Fucking Young Magazine, Contributor magazine, Simply The Mag , WAD, Treats Magazine

He has also done portraits of celebrities such as Takado Kenzo, Innez de la Fressange, Natalia Rykiel, Pierre Cardin, Barbara Bui, Anna Valerie Hash, Christian Louboutin, Guy Larioche, Damir Doma, David Koma, Jitrois,
S. Mazaev, Doplhin, Erik Bulatov, D’Ornanos, Alisa Freindlich. Verushka, Rick Owens, Peter Philips, Fanny Ardant, Bill Gaytten, Andrew GN, Gerard Depardieu

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