Bodyscapes , Allan Teger


Allan Teger has been a full time artist since 1981. Before that he was a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University. All of his work has its roots in his studies and teaching of psychology and spirituality.

The Bodyscapes intend to show that there can be two different realities that exist simultaneously. They also speak to the possibility that we can  have more than one interpretation of what we see, and that both can be valid.

His newest work, photo transfer collage, speaks to the fact that all people have similar feelings – those from different generations, although dressed differently, are really no different from us – with the same fears, hopes, desires and conflicts as we experience.
His hand painted photographs speak to a timeless moment – showing almost no action, but reminding us of the energy of a place, and of all the people that have been in that location.
Allan’s work has been included in many gallery shows, exhibits,magazines, and books. For a complete bio, see:

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