Engin Altundağ

Engin was born in 1985 in Adana. After finishing school he studied diverse arts at several Universities. Amongst others he studied Photograph ASD at the art faculty of Kocaeli University, Izmit. His interest in photographing begun in his early high school years, thus he started working as photographer assistant in the first semesters of university. During this period he became acquainted with conceptual and nude art. In 2006 he published his first nude photograph series. He took part in several trainings in conceptual arts and related arts. Various magazines, in particular e-magazines published his photograph art related articles. Between 2007 – 2010 he worked for various magazines and newspapers as a professional photographer. Simultaneously he build the Aykırı Sanat Harabesi Community and worked as an editor for Tripod magazine and FotoArt magazine. Meantime he completed photograf projects like: Gölgeler (shades) Tren İstasyonları (Train stations) Nü Peride Pişmaniyeciler (Pismanye makers) Hegemonya Renkler ve Psikoloji (Colors and Psychology) Batıdan Uzakta (Far from west) Alamutun Arka bahçesi (the back garden of alamut) Pandora Sesimi Duyan Van Mı? (Does someone hear my voice?) Eşcinseller (Queers) Göçmen Oteli (Immigrant Hotel) Ayakkabı Bakıcısı (Schoe cleaner) Sisler ve Kar (Fog & Snow) Tamirciler (The Repairers) Barika (Barricades). Using works of the mentioned projects he staged ambitious personal and shared art exhibitions. From motionless Images to animated displays – Moving from photograph to cinema It was in 2010 when Engin Altundag started to work with multimedia, video art and short movies. He was director of various short movies and documentations, like Hegemonya, Devinim, Uzak, Zerdüşt and Göç. Among others he directed the medium-length film conceptual documentary “Selection”. Currently he is working at the movie film project of “Rüzgarin Sarkisi”. Furthermore he finalized his famous “Iran – before and after revolution” book project. We worked together with several foundations and opened ateliers concerning conceptual photograph. Meanwhile Altundag is a well known name in the international art environment, he won photograph awards in several countries. Besides his passion of photographing he is also active in fashion and jewelry design. As well as in computer animations, caricatures, sculpture and glass art. Currently he is busy working out new promising projects. So please stay ready to look over the rim of a tea cup – with Engin Altundağ’s eyes.

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