Philip Lee Harvey

Philip was born in Canterbury, England in 1969. After completing a Graphic Design degree at the Norwich School of Art and Design, Philip assisted some of the UK’s leading advertising photographers. Eager to develop his photographic career, Philip soon started taking on editorial and advertising commissions of his own.

Since then, he has worked in over 120 countries, in environments ranging from Antarctica to the Sahara desert. His journeys have taken him to some of the world’s most inhospitable and demanding destinations.

Philip has recieved numerous awards, including the prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year 2014. Algongside others given by AOP, Creative Circle, Royal Photographic Society, John Kobal, LPA, ICA, Travel Press Awards “Travel Photographer of The Year”, Campaign Magazine Photographer of The Year. As well as being listen in Lurzer’s Archive, top 200 advertising photographers worldwide.

Artist’s statement:

Multi award-winning photographer Philip Lee Harvey has travelled the globe in search of his subjects, finding them everywhere from the dark drama of a Haitian voodoo ceremony to the stark brightness of Bolivian salt flats.

He believes photography should convey the emotion of places and people rather than functioning simply as a descriptive guide. He has spent the past 20 years perfecting his art, researching and preparing shoots and then working spontaneously to capture a moment.

His images focus on the character of people and places and are acclaimed for their graphic quality, use of light and composition. For Philip, photography acts as a physical and emotional adventure. His work is always a journey, an exploration of the perfect moment. It has become highly collectable.

Philip’s work has been exhibited widely in both Europe and the Americas and can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the world.

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