25 Of The Best Shortlisted Photos From The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

On the Tundra by Simon Morris

Frog Story by Harfian Herdi

Old Shepherd by Saeed Barikani

Cat Mothers by Ramil Gilvano

CAESAR by Christian Berthelot

Sweat and Blood by Marcin Kloce

Pray by Muhammad Berkati

Restricted Areas by Danila Tkachenko

Underwater Grace by Jonathan Yeap Chin Tiong

Blue Fields by Simon Butterworth

The secondary trainer by Anthony Kham

Acid Survivors in India by Jordi Pizarro

Animal Behaviour by Kimmo Metsaranta

Swedish dads by Johan Bavman

Shadow City by Ronaldo Land

Pelican Feeding by Melissa Little

Exuberance by Christine Kapuschinsky Johnson

Miracle Mile by Gina Nero

Hundred And Forty Centimeters by Sabine Lewandowski

A Life Apart: The Toll Of Obesity by Lisa Kranttz

Glasgow; Second City of The Empire. On the run up to the Scottish Referendum,
by Dougie Wallace

Headless by Adrian Jaszczak

Futuristic Archaeology by Daesung Lee

Une Crise Humanitaire2 by Corentin Fohlen

Some photographers want more recognition than paltry few likes and inane comments from friends. These are the kind of individuals who get selected for the Sony World Photography Awards 2015 shortlist. Even this list is hundreds long, so we present a selection of some of the best pictures. These cover a wide array of areas and subjects. From people to nature to still life and pressing social issues, the Awards try to get as much of photography art as possible. Why, I think there’s even a category for the more abstract kind!

Not all of them are made by professionals: aside from “Professional” competition, the awards run “Open” (for everyone), “Youth” (for those under 19) and “Mobile” (for those who actually manage to accomplish something with cellphone cameras), as well as national competition to select the best image from each country. The competitions are further broken down into categories such as “People” and Lifestyle”, so that’s why our list is a little eclectic.

Of course, merely being shortlisted in a great honor by itself, and guarantees quite a bit of exposure on such notable websites like “Times” and “Demilked”. As for some of the more mundane awards, the winner gets $30,000 and a set of Sony visual equipment. Though really, what’s all that in comparison to bragging rights and appearing in a curated expo in London’s Somerset House? I bet that place has its own lords and ladies to shuffle around all dignified.

More info: worldphoto.org

Source: Demilked

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