The World’s Children

A street child searches for recyclable material in a garbage dump on the outskirts of Gauhati, India, Thursday, Nov. 19, a day ahead of Universal Children’s Day. Twenty years after the U.N. adopted a treaty guaranteeing children’s rights, fewer youngsters are dying and more are going to school, but an estimated 1 billion still lack services essential to their survival and development, UNICEF said. AP / Anupam Nath

A street child displays acrobatic skills with the help of an iron ring during a street show in Katmandu, Nepal. AP / Gemunu Amarasinghe

A street child sleeps next to a stray dog, as another looks for fleas in his clothes, in Katmandu, Nepal, AP / Gemunu Amarasinghe

Bangladeshi child laborers work at a balloon workshop in Kamrangir Char, on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. AP / Pavel Rahman

School children chant morning prayers in an open-air government-run school in Jammu, India. AP / Channi Anand

India UN Childrens Rights
Roha, an infant, is left sleeping on the sidewalk of a busy street in Mumbai, India on Wednesday. AP / Rafiq Maqbool

Children wash clothes and bathe at a water pipeline surrounded by sewage in Mumbai, India on Wednesday. AP / Rafiq Maqbool

Dinesh, 8, cuts rose stems outside a flower shop in Gauhati, India on Wednesday . AP / Anupam Nath

Sheela, 6, walks the tightrope during a street performance in Gauhati, India, Wednesday. AP / Anupam Nath

Children play in a rickshaw at a garbage dump in Hyderabad, India on Tuesday. AP / Mahesh Kumar A

Children study in a yard with scrap collected for recycling, in Hyderabad, India.  AP / Mahesh Kumar A

Children from impoverished families attend a class at a government-run school in Gauhati, India. AP / Anupam Nath

Children gather to celebrate children’s rights in Harare. AP

Internally displaced women line up to receive therapeutic food for their children at a food distribution centre run by an organization called CAACID, funded by the UN agencies and European Union, in Mogadishu, Somalia. AFP / Getty Images / Mohamed Dahir

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