Fulvio Roiter

The work of Fulvio Roiter occupies a unique position in the history of 20th century Italian photography.

Born in 1926 in Meolo, in the countryside of the Veneto region, while still very young he carried out a series of magnificent photographic reports on Sicily, Umbria, Andalusia and the Algarve, which made him known on the international scene as the child prodigy of Italian photography. Up to the 1960s, Roiter represented a model, often unattainable, for style, technique and formal rigour. In the 1970s, on the crest of the wave of success obtained, he abandoned black and white photography to dedicate himself to colour photography, also modifying his style and subject matter radically.

Thus it is possible to state that there are two different sides to Roiter. On the one hand there is the popular photographer of Venice and carnival masks, of postcards and gift-books printed in innumerable copies. On the other there is the great artist of the first masterpieces in black and white, almost completely forgotten and rediscovered after long research and examination of the archives of the photographer.


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