Vojtech V. Sláma

Born (1974) in Brno, Czech Republic; his life has been connected with Brno and Jevišovice. A graduate of Secondary School of Artistic Crafts Brno, a member of group named Česká Paralaxa (Czech Parallax) and Steiner Group. A freelance photographer. At present a student of master’s degree at Institute of Creative Photography of Faculty of Arts and Science, Silesian University, Opava, Czech Republic (Bachelor of Art, 2006).

Comes from a family of art tradition. First contacted with photo making at primary school. Only at the age of sixteen shows a deeper interest in photography. After a series of twists and turns — studies at Secondary School of Engineering and an attempt to obtain a professional photography education, accompanied by differences of opinion with the apprentice school concept — Sláma finally settled at SŠUŘ Brno; he graduated in 1996. During his secondary school studies a member of Jiří Víšek’s class. Still at SŠUŘ Brno, a co-founder of the Česká Paralaxa photo group (1995); the double-lens 6 × 6 cm reflex camera, related to the creative philosophy of Česká Paralaxa, has remained his sovereign apparatus for his production up to present days.

Among author’s significant works there is a cycle devoted to female figure skaters (carried out in Rondo Hall in Brno, 1997), cycle concerning the ballet ensemble of the National Theatre, Ostrava (a project done for Igor Vejsada, 1998—1999) and his books Expert’s Still lives (2003) and Wolf’s Honey 2004.

Vojtěch Sláma’s inherent need is travelling. He travels a lot; whether it is Quebec, India or Paris; for the author it is a

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