Alina Tarabarinova

Alina Tarabarinova was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia on the first of September in 1985. Graduated Saint-Petersburg state university, faculty of journalism. Since early childhood she has been involved in various aspects of art such as music, painting, dancing. She falls in love with photography and art in general, under the influence of friends and parents and, in particular, her mother.
In 2007 Alina began her 6 months trip to South Africa where she got the job of photo reporter in several local newspapers. In 2008 she spent 6 months in India and Himalaya mountains. A different kind of life, nature, people, atmosphere inspired her. She became addicted of the road and the camera. After this came a wave of personal exhibitions. She started to write and make photos for her articles. In 2011 she became a member of Russian Photounion. Up to the present day Alina continues to make pictures and work as a freelance photographer.
« I just want to express myself as a person and a human being . I want to capture the fragmentation of my society by means of a metaphore. I am just a person using photography as a medium to investigate life . I keep asking questions about life. What really makes the difference is what we perceive: photography can gently whisper a story or irreverently scream it. And so the eyes of who’ s looking or the ears of who’s listening become important. I really believe that photography can’t change the world but photography can make a soul and heart of people in this world more open and sincere. The world needs more than a pretty picture, it needs something that will push people to think. It is an understanding about life, about people, about myself.  Photography is a dialogue.  Images can talk and they can do it so better, this is for sure. It is time for our rebirth. And here comes the devine I and I the real Ja trinity that are calling to our big brother of the superalative subconsciousness that interferes with our reality be means of love and truly beloved lovers! » Alina Tarabarinova.

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