Le Petit Olivier, Vincent Dixon

Street photography was my first love and it is something I’ve always done. In my early twenties, I moved from my childhood home in Kilkenny, Ireland to Paris, France. I was a post grad science student in Paris, devouring the humanistic work of Cartier Bresson, Eugene Smith & Andre Kertesz. Through a series of serendipitous events, my unearthed passion for photography evolved into a career as a commercial photographer.

All of my commercial work is informed by my attraction to street photography, in that I’ve always tried to make photos that had the spontaneity of a reportage photo despite their construction. It is not always easy but the instincts built up by constantly shooting for myself help.

In 2011, I took a sabbatical from commercial photography and went on a year-long journey around the world with my wife and four children. It was a priceless experience to share authentically new experiences with my family, as well a time to submerge myself in creating photo-essays of our travels; I was free from the confines of a working schedule.

By the summer of 2012, with my year abroad coming to an end, I was excited to get back to work. My travel journeys initiated the debut of a collection of images and stories titled, “Wanderings.” The lines between personal and commercial work are blurred as I commit with each photograph to tell the story.

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