Matteo Bosi

He was born in 1966 in Cesena – that is, in the Italian region of hospitality – where for years he has been living with his loved wife and two sons.

After graduating from the famous Istituto d’Arte della Ceramica di Faenza (‘Art Institute of Ceramics in Faenza’) in 1985, he has begun a long artistic career characterized by continuous experimentation. This has been leading him to use multiple means of expression: from ceramics to painting, from photography to digital techniques.

Since 2000, he is the owner of the Communication Agency “Pixel Planet” S.a.s. Through this, he got to work:
both as communication designer, by creating graphics, packaging, web-design and advertising campaigns,
and as fitter and organizer for Art Museums and Photographic Exhibitions in Italy and abroad on behalf of government agencies and foundations.

An indisputable cameo of his agency is also the commercial photography for Companies that need to produce advertising campaigns, cataloguing and marketing of their own products.

Since 2012 Pixel Planet also offers courses dedicated to Photography, and it has become itself an exhibition space, as well as a place for cultural exchange.





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