Petr Flynt

Granted, I might list several photographers whose work is distinctly non-classical. Consider for example Petr Flynt and Evir Bogdan. Their work is inventive, imaginative, unique, exciting, and just plain wonderful. A feast for the eyes and reflective of a photographic intellect at work that transcends the concept of “classic.” If I photographed like them, I might harbor aspirations of being included in the collections of MoMA, the Art Institute of Chicago, or possibly merely the superb photo collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Art.
I don’t, however. My mind doesn’t work like theirs (obviously).
I do pretty good work. Perhaps, compared to Flynt and Bogdan, my work is merely “classic.”

I studied the faculty of medicine at Palacký University in Olomouc and I studied human body in depth. I bought my first own camera and started to ‘create’. At least I thought so.

The sometimes bizarre settings of the photos combined with the exceptional way his models pose made me feel like I was in an early 20th century horror movie. Once I overcame this ‘first fear’ I could see symbolic and double meaning in his work. It is not erotic in a way of sexually stimulating, it is erotic in the way the photographer seems to take the general nude acceptance to another level.

I like his eyes, his light, his composition (correct word ? don’ forget, I’m french…), his ways to catch the inside. He tells us something new, as an artist has to make it, with his own words, and I love that, for sure, I love that, I’m a writer…



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