Dawn Black

You could say that photography is in my blood. My father and grandfather were both keen amateur photographers plus my grandfather also worked at Ilford, the black and white film and paper company. As a youngster I was usually to be found with a camera in hand and justifiably earned the affectionate nickname of “David Bailey” in the family.

This early creativity and interest grew and saw me study History of Art and Architecture at university. This love of history and architectural design shows still in my landscape images as I have a tendency to include historical and modern buildings within the landscapes I photograph.

My passion for photography has continued to grow in the 30 years since I first picked up a camera. The creative possibilities provided by the digital technology now available has led me to where I am now, providing professional photographic services and selling my fine art images in a variety of media.

I endeavour to capture my images in-camera only using post processing to optimise the image with minimal adjustments – colour balance, exposure and contrast plus converting to black and white – much in the same way photographers of old processed in the dark room.

I have been very fortunate in having lived in three different countries over the past 13 years. In 2003 my family moved from Scotland to Singapore which afforded me some fantastic travel photography opportunities including many destinations within Australia plus Cambodia. I am now based in The Netherlands having returned to Europe in 2010. Here I am grasping the opportunity for travel with two hands, producing travel and fine art images from the UK, USA, Jordan, Malta, Italy, Austria and France plus locally within The Netherlands.

Commercially I have spent the last 5 years building up a busy interiors photography business. I help hotels and guest houses to showcase their spaces as well as helping property clients to increase their perceived value and speed up the rental and sales by enticing viewings with stunning but realistic images.


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