The art of wine

A Romanian farmer shows his happiness after the harvest in Maramures. The population of this region still maintains a strong connection to the land and still carries out many agricultural activities manually. Gianluca De Bartolo

An autumnal glimpse of Cuneo’s Langhe taken at La Morra, portrays a wine producing area near Alba in a moment in which the light increases the beauty of the vineyards’ colors. Valentina Galvagno

This project carried out by locals is for aging wine directly in the ground which is rich in minerals, and makes the already awesome landscape of Lanzarote even more interesting. Francisco Mingorance 


In this photo we can see the Vineyards of Monferrato exalted by the radiant light which caresses the valley enhancing the typical autumn colors of the rows of vines. Roberto Tagliani


I took this shot from the suggestive La Morra’s Belvedere. During autumn, the hills of the Langhe area present a variety of colors and shades, from red to yellow, from green to brown. Franco Cappellari

A Moldovan vineyard photographed during the winter season is enhanced by the geometrical connotation of the image attained through the texture of the rows and the dividing line drawn by the road that separates two vine varieties Anatolie Poiata


This image is about the traditional grape harvest in Sicily. The title in dialect refers to the must, picked and pressed in a cylindric shape. In this picture, you can see all the wine flowing from the pressed must. Riccardo Colelli


This shot captures the moment after harvesting in which the grapes are arranged by a Sicilian farmer before they are to be pressed. Riccardo Colelli


A stage of the process of Chines wine making. This distilled wine is made with a brewing process which is thousands of years old and has been declared as intangible cultural heritage of China. Xiaolong Guo 


Charlotte Green, castle owner in Seggiano, discovered some old Etruscan wine-making basins. Here she is taking a rest in one of them with her Sangiovese grapes. Bruno Bruchi



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