Fan Ho

Award-wining photographer Fan Ho won nearly 300 awards from international exhibitions and competitions worldwide since 1956. Ho was elected Fellow of the Photographic Society of America, Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, England; Honorary Member of the Photographic Societies of Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, Singapore and etc, and honored with many One-Man-Shows in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Fan Ho was invited by 12 Universities in Taiwan and Hong Kong as “Visiting Professor, ” teaching the art of film-making and photography. He written five books, one of them containing all his award-winning prints that is currently a permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco. Fan Ho: A Hong Kong Memoir is his latest book published by Modernbook Editions. Further, Fan Ho was an accomplished and acclaimed Hong Kong film director. He won the “Best Film Award” in Banbury International Film Festival in England. Three of his films was received the “Official Selection” of the International Film Festivals of Cannes, Berlin and San Francisco; and five of his films was selected in the “Permanent Collection” of the National Film Archives of Taiwan and Hong Kong. He was also a judge of the Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival and Hong Kong Oscar Film Award. These diverse cultural backgrounds made Fan Ho’s creative style so unique, full of lyrical beauty, dramatic power, and poetic grandeur.





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