Constantine Gedal

Born in the snows of no-man’s land Constantine liked to spend hours looking into the ice, that’s how some say he’s got his name (meaning stable, permanent) though others suggest that he was just a schizophrenic. Fleeing Tartar-Mongol invasion, Gedal moved to Europe, where he became good friends with Savonarola, with the later he went to the Holy Land. Though Savonarola was sent right away, Constantine was allowed to stay for a while to learn local traditions and languages.
Having heard of the preparations of the new crusade he departed for Koeln to arrive there a month too late to prevent a campaign that later proved to be disastrous. But his journey was not all in vain. In the Northern Europe
he got involved in an art movement that was to become known as Flemish Art. During that time he was a regular guest at Van Eyck’s and Van der Goes’s.


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