African Queen, Eddy Van Gestel

Photographer Eddy Van Gestel lives and works in Belgium and Africa. He gained international fame through his coffee table books “Africa, a Continent in the Picture”, “Africa XL”, “To the Rhythm of the Sun” and ”Terra Africana”.

Over the years his style has become more serene and restrained, stripped of any excess, complex perspectives and difficult angles. Whether he is shooting portraits, wildlife, still lifes or landscapes, all his pictures have one thing in common: they draw their graphic strength from their simplicity. To him photography is a quest for a magical and mysterious world, where there’s a very fine line between reality and impression. This is certainly true for this collection of photographs, which highlights Africa and the fragile authenticity of the Black Continent.

Inconspicuous and apparently trivial subjects can possess a unexpected beauty when seen in a different light. More often than not, the subjects of my pictures are subservient to their hidden, expressive strength. By using the right kind of film, composition, lighting and processing, I try to do justice to this strength.”

The result is a collection of highly decorative pictures. Eddy Van Gestel’s work decidedly adds something to the interiors it adorns, in a generous way, without being overwhelming.


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