Goldo (Dominique Houcmant)

Goldo (aka Dominique Houcmant) and his camera are one and the same. If one sees the first, the second is generally not far distant: around his neck, in his hand, lying on a bar or at the end of a table. Appearances can be misleading however: one never actually sees Goldo, he sees everything first. He has got a natural talent in anticipating fragile images: a reflection of light on an arm, a shadow on a wall, a face behind a glass of beer, a light bird on the dark tarmac.

Goldo is an eye moving stealthily in a fast progressing world. His snapshots stop time. For a smile, a glance or a gesture, color gives way to black and white and the continuous showdown between light and dark. Anyhow, he catches our hectic world: drunken nights, concerts, factories and boats, actors, lonely girls sitting at a table, worn-out hands or smoking cigarettes….

Goldo is picture compulsive. Not only does he take pictures but he publishes them on the web, he comments them, classifies them, adds soundtracks to them, discusses about links and comments, he is weaving an image web on the networks network.

Behind the frenzy and the feeling of emergency, the essence survives: the images coming out from Dominique Houcmant’s camera don’t show the world as it is but as it should be in Goldo’s eye: dark, disconcerting, highly-strung and almost always stirring. A touching and human world made of little moments lasting for eternity. (Nicolas Ancion)


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