Wayne Chinnock

Raised in Tucson Arizona by a mechanical engineering father who loved Mexican food and an amazing bread baking mom, Wayne always had a fondness for the kitchen. His father was also an avid photographer with an in-home darkroom; cameras became instinctual to use by Wayne from childhood into adult life.

Wayne started in the service industry just two days after turning sixteen which became an extended career putting him through college and helping him to travel to 40+ countries. He spent time in the front-of-the-house in restaurants, hotels and catering companies in addition to many hours in the kitchen working the grill and dessert stations. There is almost no position he hasn’t done in the restaurant biz. The service industry has taken him to San Francisco, Dublin, Nantucket, New York and Philadelphia to name a few. He will admit that the energy is infectious.

After all the years of restaurant work coupled with teaching English abroad and acquiring a degree in Psychology (he also spent over 100 hours in the darkroom at the Creative Photography Center at the University of Arizona) Wayne decided to finally settle down with his wife Melodie in the Boston area and put all his energy into photography. He has been creating images full time for more than 10 years. All the while his experience within the service industry and in the kitchen has endeared him to chefs, creative directors, restauranteurs, executives and many more.

Whether he is photographing for a renowned chef, documenting medical relief in Haiti, showcasing the beauty of a new interior space or creating images in the studio, Wayne’s obsession with providing not only a great final product, but a great customer service based experience, is always evident.


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