Mustafa Seven


Mustafa Seven was born in Sivas, Turkey in 1974. He started his photojournalism career in Sabah Newspaper Magazine Group and continued with Hürriyet Magazine Group, Gazete Pazar and Milliyet before becoming the photography editor of Akşam Newspaper. Afterwards Seven directed his attention and works to street photography which he defines as “witnessing life”.

Mustafa Seven has been awarded at many national and international photography contests; he took part in numerous exhibitions and festivals, holding a personal exhibition called “Tek” in 2013. Seven, who has presented his work through various mediums throughout his career, has been using Intagram as an active channel in the recent years. He sees this medium as a personal portfolio space and he is one of the Turkish photographers who has reached the top number of followers.

Mustafa Seven also makes time for educational activities; he holds workshops on street photography and works on projects together with universities and other educational institutions.

He has two books published by İnkılap Bookstore; the first is “Instagram” which is a collection of Istanbul photographs shared on Instagram, the second is “Street Photography” which he has written as a guide for those beginning to work in this specific field of photography.

Mustafa Seven continues to work as a freelance photojournalist and to produce photographs that communicate the street and document the era he lives in with private national and international projects…

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