Ana F. Martín

Ever since I was a little girl, photography has been part of my life. I remember the first type of cameras I used with nostalgia, those point-and-shoot with a film roll I took myself to the photography shop to be developed and checked what the photographs looked like. Nowadays, all of that has been lost with digital technology but I still look back to those childhood days where I discovered a true passion.
As I grew up, my interest on photography kept growing with me, however I never thought of it as a professional career, maybe because of the pressure of parents and society, so I ended up studying a Bachelor Degree in Tourism Management at the University of Granada in Spain, so photography remained a hobby I liked to practice at any chance I had. I decided to study that particular degree because I have always loved to travel to new places and discovered other cultures by the hand of local people. I think the world is too big and interesting to only stay in the same place for my whole life. Keeping that idea in mind, I have lived in Italy and London for a long period of time while travelling around Europe.
My period living in London opened my mind to a quite new level I never experienced before. The spare time I had from work I used it to develop my senses by going to museums, galleries and every kind of artistic performance which could help me take the step to change my passion about photography into a professional career.
The type of photography I discover to like the most and, most importantly, that I think adjusts better to my own style and personality is the one showing the daily life and common things happening around us all the time without noticing in an artistic point of view. I believe we all have a particular way of seeing the world and I truly think is the duty of a photographer to “freeze” that moment, give it soul and meaning, show it and try to open the eyes of those who are too busy to look around, especially these days we are living now.


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