Children for Rent – India’s Orphanage Business, Sandra Hoyn

Living conditions at many orphanages in India are appalling. The children are not washed or fed properly, they are beaten and receive no medical treatment when sick. The worst thing is that these children are not orphans. The owners of the homes send agents out to villages to rent children to put in fake orphanages as a way of getting tourists to part with their money – all donations land in the pockets of the orphanage owners. The parents believe their children are being well cared for. During school holidays some of the children are allowed to return home to their families. The older ones remain at home and the younger siblings are sent back to the orphanages in their place.

With my pictures I would like to demonstrate the misery, which results from orphanage tourism. Children homes have to be reduced instead of created. It is important to support the rehabilitation of children into their own families. But instead of this the orphanages are promoted by sponsorships and senseless distribution of large amounts of money.