Sara Zanella


I started photographing at high school with a Contax T3 with black and white film because I could develop them in my mother‘s bathroom and work independently. When I discovered photography I could find a way to see my daily life differently, I learnt to have a step inside my surroundings, into the nature of my relationships and environment and also a step outside of the everyday life, that let me read beyond the appearances and find another sphere of conception of time before more melancholic then as a endless river of events. From those years I have been photographing diaries, my home, my school, my classmates and my family, at the time I got a really deep encounter with the diaries of Noboyoshi Araki, Nan Goldin and Daido Moryama. In them I found those instincts that were driving me in the photographic process , for example, the closeness to the subject, the condition of solitude, the flowing of life and changes, the power of poetry and love and the movements of curiosity and restlessness that still nowadays are in the core of my work. In these years I acquired and experienced the power of photography. Images are like a window where we can access to a universal human layer, investigating the core of who we are.

I use my curiosity to travel and to explore places I’ve never been, photographing. The center of my work is the research as a human being in the world, the process knowing the world we are living in, the position of men in nature, a journey in the space and in the time in history of humanity and earth. My goal is building a record of this in a poetic and direct way.

What drive me is instinct and curiosity.

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