Kristina Syrchikova

Kristina Syrchikova is a documentary photographer and a visual storyteller based Samara, Russia.

Her work primarily focuses on social and human rights issues in post-Soviet space. 

Kristina first studied information technology, before turning to contemporary photography at the FotoDepartament Institute and documentary photography at the DocDocDoc School in St Petersburg. 

Kristina’s work has been recognized with industry awards such as New Talents, Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award 2018, The Kolga Photo Award, Efremov Report Photography Competition, ESPY Photography Award, Young photographers of Russia among others.

Her work has been presented in exhibitions and screens in Russia and abroad, including Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase (Objectifs, Singapore, 2017), Orvieto Fotografia 2017 (Palazzo Coelli, Orvieto, Italy, 2017), Third Documentary Photography Days (Photography Foundation of Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey, 2016), Evolution of sight. 1991−2016 (Photobiennale 2016, Central exhibition hall Manege, Moscow, Russia).
Her work has appeared in multiple online and print publications worldwide including Musee Magazine (USA), Der Greif (Germany), COLTA.RU (Russia), Takie Dela (Russia), IM Magazine, Foto&video (Russia), dekoder, Science and Life (Russia), Russian reporter, Splash & Grab, Bird In Flight, Dodho Magazine, FOG (Germany).
She is a member of The Russian Union of Art Photographers.

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