Carr Clifton

World renowned and award-winning photographer Carr Clifton has spent over thirty-five years exploring the endangered, wild landscapes most people will never know. An accomplished wilderness guide and traveler, Carr is widely recognized for his distinctive and artistic landscapes of remote regions. He has dedicated himself to his art which he says “isn’t only framing the image in the camera, but getting myself to the wildest places where I do my best work.” Carr’s wilderness skills have allowed him entrance into the solitude of some of the world’s most remote and least populated regions.
A native Californian living in the northern Sierra Nevada near Taylorsville, California, Carr began photographing in 1977 after seeking advice and inspiration from his mentor and neighbor, master landscape photographer Philip Hyde. After graduating from Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, Colorado with a degree in Commerical Photography, Carr began his freelance career with a 4×5 view camera, shooting film long before the personal computer, internet, websites or digital technology. His travels and adventures have taken him worldwide capturing the light on landscapes from Arctic Alaska to the Amazon Basin; from the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia to the hardwood forests of New England; from the fjords of Norway to the peaks and rivers of Patagonia.
A professional advisor for Outdoor Photographer, Carr is best known for his numerous exhibit format books showcasing his work. His portfolio is comprised of thousands of editorial, corporate and advertising credits, including hundreds of covers and the award winning documentary, Three Women, Three Hundred Miles. Exhibitions including Carr’s photography have been displayed at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, The Nikon House, San Diego Museum of Natural History, Mountain Light Gallery and The California Academy of Science. Recent awards include the Detroit Creative Director’s Silver Caddy Award for outstanding landscape photography in advertising, the International Color Awards for outstanding portfolio and the Theodore Roosevelt Founders Medal for outstanding expeditionary achievement. Carr’s fine art prints have been purchased by environmental, corporate and private collections worldwide.

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