Waclaw Wantuch

Waclaw Wantuch Born 1965 in Tuchów. A graduate of the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts. The author of the book “Kamień Wawelski?”(The Wawel stone?) – Castor, Cracow 1992; director of the stage performance “Kamień, światło, dzwięk” (Stone, Light, Sound) Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Cracow, 1992. He published the following photographic albums: Kraków (Sepia Collection, Cracow 2001); Akt (Bosz, Olszanica 2003); Kraków (Art Partner, Cracow 2003); Akt2 (Bosz, Olszanica 2006); Akty (Bosz, Olszanica 2010).

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