Laura Ferreira

Laura Ferreira is a fine art photographer and portrait artist who resides in Trinidad and Tobago. She always knew that she’d work in the visual arts field, and so, fuelled by the inability to pay attention in a classroom, taught herself how to conceptualise, light, and photograph portraits in her early 20’s. Capturing and editing photos of people aided in learning about the intricacies of the human face, and this helped advance her love and skill of painting and drawing people. Now, the two mediums go hand in hand; frequently sharing her love of vivid colours.
Influences come from movies, music, browsing the Internet and stumbling upon unique colour combos. Ideas often pop up during activities like watering the plants, or, making breakfast – then comes the task of hurriedly sketching before they run away.
When she is not working, she is still creating personal imagery and artwork, spending time with her family and cats, drawing her cartoon Felissa Bumblehead, and shooing bachacs from her garden.
Clients include Sony Entertainment Ltd., Real World Records, Bloomsbury Publishing, McCann Erickson, She Caribbean, Tribe Carnival, and Jägermeister, to name a few. She is a Brand Ambassador for 500px.

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