La tacita de oro, Sofia Verzbolovskis

La Tacita De Oro is a photographic portrait of the city of Colón, located on the Caribbean coast of Panama. Wedged between the Free Trade Zone, the Panama Canal, and a cruise ship terminal, Colón is a grid of dense and cacophonous streets in an evident state of decay. Both the city’s residents and government have contributed to its deterioration, and only traces of its eclectic architecture remain. But impressed in Colón’s crumbling façades is the memory of what it once was — La Tacita De Oro, “The Little Cup of Gold” — a city that at its apex boasted stately avenues full of impressive buildings, French bakeries, theaters and hotels. Its side streets were the envy of all of Panama during the month of Carnival, when each block had its own themed celebration, filled with musicians and dancers.

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