Suzanne Stein

For New York-based photographer, Suzanne Stein, street and documentary photography is all about stark realism. The idea of framing a moment exactly as she saw it, regardless of how hard it is to look at, is what drives her art.
“City is a reflection of a complex place – it’s part street, part documentary,” Suzanne tells us. “I shoot moments that I feel form narratives and sometimes these little stories are hard to look at. Sometimes we all walk past and sometimes that’s not right.
“I also shoot people I meet on the street periodically, whenever I run into them over long periods. They change each time. They grow up, they blossom, and sometimes they deteriorate. That’s the city I see every day.”
Suzanne aims to offer a genuine window into life on the streets, using different techniques to illustrate the harshness, chaos, warmth, and beauty of the urban environment. “I shoot everyone and believe that absolutely nothing should be left out of street photography image creation, no matter how hard to look at or understand,” reveals Suzanne. “City is a harsh place, but also a warm place depending on who’s occupying a patch of pavement at any given moment. I use various ideas, techniques, and visual storytelling methods, sometimes it’s lighthearted and sometimes it’s bittersweet. Whatever it may be, it’s all part of the mosaic.”

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