Kristian Leven

Whilst looking at Instagram Stories one day, I saw a number of clips of my friends out cycling, rock climbing, showing off their Strava time, and holding that big fish that they just caught, when it hit me – I don’t do any of this. My hobby, my only hobby, is photography. It’s what I think about constantly. It’s what excites and motivates me.

A decade ago I was working as an acting agent in Central London when I realised I really didn’t want to live off other people’s creativity; I wanted to be creative myself. So I bought my first camera, spent my time trying out all different kinds of photography, and came to the conclusion that what I enjoyed the most was taking pictures of people. Just real, spontaneous, emotive, interesting photographs that capture the human condition.

It was an amazing feeling. For the first time in my life I was truly excited and passionate about my work, as my camera allowed me to express myself in ways I never could before. It’s fair to say that (apart from my other half and Arsenal) photography is all I ever think about. I spend my evenings consuming it, I plan my free time around quirky events I can photograph, my holidays centred on countries I can visit and capture, and I feel fortunate to have had some of my street photography images exhibited at street photography festivals around the world.

Because I love photography. I get a tremendous buzz from creating distinctly unique imagery, and I’m always looking to push myself to create work that is artistic, timeless, and honest. Thankfully couples who book me to be their wedding photographer share this ideology, and tell me how excited they are to see what I see on their wedding day. Afterwards, I receive messages like the one below, and I can’t tell you how much that means to me.


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