Legal Rape, Emeke Obanor

In recent time, numbers of rape victim has been on the increase in Nigeria. Nigeria is still very much a patriarchal and misogynistic society; a society where rules are dictated and governed by men, and culture and tradition makes men head over women. The culture aspect includes gender norms that validate men as sexual pursuers and attitudes that view women as sexual conquests by which manhood is legitimized and women are objectified, as sexual objects to be owned, used, consumed, and even sexually abused by the “entitled”male.
The society on their part undermines the emotional trauma experienced by rape victims and thus become unsympathetic and sees it as a norm.
The documentary “
Legal Rapeexplores the uncomfortable memories of rape victims, violation of their human right and their search for closure, in a society where the mindset of most people as it relates to sexual assault tends to be un-empathetic, unsympathetic and seen as a norm.
Some of the victims truly suffer uncomfortable memories such as nightmares, flashbacks, suicide thoughts and feelings of guilt. It can also manifest in physical ways, like chronic pain, intestinal problems, muscle cramps, paralyzed vocal cord, or as in TY case, sleep disorder.
With the shameful act increasing day after day in Nigeria, keeping silent about the issue is no longer the way to go and heal for the girls I documented.
Truly, rape victims have some periodic bitter flashbacks, so they usually take steps to heal, but healing seems far for many of them without a proper support system from families, society or agencies. People should join “say no to rape” advocacy since that would go a long way to reduce the number of incidents, address rape as human right violation.

Emeke Obanor’s Website

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