Andrzej Pilichowski-Ragno

Andrzej Pilichowski-Ragno was born in Rome in 1967, lives and works in Krakow. He earned a liberal arts degree at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, where he later lectured on literary theory for several years. Pilichowski–Ragno studied photography at the Academy of Fine Art in Krakow. For 20 years he has been working as a photographer and an active member of ZPAF (the association of Polish fine art photographers). Now he is a professor of photography at Cracow University of Technology, he had courses, lectures and laboratory of photography in different art school in Cracow. In 2019 he began doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Krakow at photography departement. For last few years he is giving master classees. In 2013 he was exhibited at Paris Photo by Galerie Conrads from Dusseldorf, with the part of his essential photographic ongoing project – City Landscapes. The main thrust of Andrzej Pilichowski-Ragno’s work lies at the intersection of social documentary photography and street photography. He consciously references classic twentieth-century photography, all the while maintaining his own highly personal, individual focus.


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