Aislinn Leggett

Aislinn Leggett was born in Namur, QC in 1981 and currently lives and works in Montreal, Canada. She was a … More


Ana Matallana

I am the Creative Director of the Graphic Design Agency AMDG Studio. Born in Murcia, Spain. I am graduated in … More

05-2006-Suok (elisey-and-his-cucumber)

Max Sauco

Was born in Irkutsk in 1969, after leaving school he entered the Irkutsk College of the Arts. From 1987 to … More


Flora Borsi

Flora is a young fine art photographer from Hungary. She uses exquisite photo manipulation to create surreal images that are … More


Kiyo Murakami

I was born in Shizuoka, currently based in Tokyo, Japan. After I graduated from art school, I continued experimenting with … More


Bear Kirkpatrick

Bear Kirkpatrick’s forbearers were an ad hoc mixture of adventurer-navigators, naturalists, whalers, Puritans, dissidents, judges, and witches. He was born … More


Maurice Tabart

Maurice Tabard was a dominant figure in avant-garde and modernist photography. His photo-montages, double exposures and solarized prints from the … More

Teresa Visceglia (5)

Teresa Visceglia

Amazement in the face of everyday life events and ordinary things is my favourite starting point. Moments of astonishment like … More