State Of Things, Nicolas Janowski

Nicolas Janowski (b. 1980) is an argentine photographer based in Buenos Aires. BA degree in Anthropology from the UAB (Barcelona, Spain) Photography studies at Centre Iris (Paris, France) and at ARGRA (Argentina). In 2011 he received a National Grant from INCAA for develop a project about Archaeological Sites in Argentina. His work has been featured […]

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Entidades, Alejandro Sayegh

Alejandro Sayegh incursionó en el mundo de la fotografía viéndola como una herramienta para la investigación científica oceanográfica. Iniciado en la fotografía submarina, científica y documental, obtuvo su única formación formal en fotografía en el Curso de Fotografía Profesional a distancia del New York Institute of Photography. Desde 2009 es fotógrafo freelance especializado en danza, […]

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Pierre Fudarylí

“Trying to understand art is simply trying to feed the ego so you can have a topic of conversation in a coffee house table in front of another pseudo-intellectual or someone you want to acknowledge that you know a lot about art.” The daily geometry of our death, from birth until we cease to die. […]

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Almagul Menlibayeva

My educational background is in the Soviet Russian avant-garde school of Futurism, which I combine with a nomadic aesthetic of post-Soviet, contemporary Kazakhstan – something that I have been exploring in recent years through my photographic and video work. I use specific ways of expression in modern and contemporary art as a vehicle to investigate […]

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Bodyscapes , Allan Teger

Allan Teger has been a full time artist since 1981. Before that he was a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University. All of his work has its roots in his studies and teaching of psychology and spirituality. The Bodyscapes intend to show that there can be two different realities that […]

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Melih Dönmezer

        Melih Dönmezer is a Turkish photographer who likes to experiment with the photographic process. He digitally manipulates his images through several techniques, including that of combining them with scanned powered papers. You can find more of Melih’s photographs on his page and on flickr.

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Globe transparency, Lynn Bianchi

Lynn Bianchi is a New York City-based fine art photographer and multi-media artist who has shown work in over thirty solo exhibitions and in museums worldwide, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Japan; the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland; Musée Ken Damy, Brescia, Italy; 21c Museum, Louisville, Kentucky and the Art Gallery of […]

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