Allison Joyce

Allison Joyce is a Boston born photojournalist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At the age of 19 she left school at Pratt Institute and moved to Iowa to cover the 2008 Presidential Race where she worked as a campaign photographer for Hillary Clinton. The experience inspired her travels around the world covering social issues. As a […]

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Alisa Resnik

Breaking through the glass “Time is a jet plane, it moves so fast” and in its impetuous flight people and things rushing before our eyes are bound to hide their inner essence. Within this endless time flow we roam, craving a single moment of sincerity. Photography is the way to stop a moment and have […]

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Joseph Szabo

Joseph Szabo is a teacher, photographer and author. He taught photography and art at Malverne High School on Long Island for 27 years and for over 20 years at the International Center of Photography in Manhattan. His 1978 book, “Almost Grown,” featured many of his students and was acclaimed as one of the “Best Books […]

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Insecurity, Christopher Stewart

My photographic and moving image based work has been concerned with hierarchies of vision, surveillance and contested territories. Previous work includes Insecurity (1995-2005) which examined the global phenomenon of privatized global security, utilizing this modern hyper-industry as a metaphor for analyzing global insecurity. Subsequent projects have included Kill House (2005), a photographic navigation through a […]

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Ed van der Elsken

  Ed van der Elsken was born in Amsterdam in 1925. He lives and works in Paris from 1950 to 1954. In this period, he lives with Ata Kando and her 3 children. He moves back to Amsterdam and lives there from 1954 to 1971. He travels a lot for his work, for instance to […]

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Mads Nissen

Mads Nissen was born in Denmark in 1979. After graduating in 2007 with a degree in photojournalism from The Danish School of Journalism he moved for two years to Shanghai to document the human and social consequences of China’s historic economic rise. In 2009, he was selected for the Joop Swart Masterclass. After working in […]

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Gunar Binde

    Gunars Binde – one of the most famous photographers of Latvia. The works have become classics Binde photos. Gunars Binde (1933), working professionally since 1964. From 1959 to 2004 he had organized 35 personal exhibitions in countries such as Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Balgar, Russia and Poland. His work […]

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Anouk Deville

    Born in Marseille in 1988, Anouk Deville fell in love with photography at the age of 15 and has been in love with it ever since. For ten years she has been exploring intimacy, both hers and that of those around her, in family photographs, sex scenes, moments snatched from daily life, bodies […]

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Alessandra Sanguinetti

  I was born in New York, 1968, and lived in Argentina from 1970 until 2003. Currently based in San Francisco. I’m a recipient of generous grants, fellowships and prizes. I’m a member of Magnum Photos and am represented in New York by Yossi Milo Gallery and in Buenos Aires by Galeria Ruth Benzacar.

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Bill Ray

Bill Ray was born in the village of Shelby, Nebraska, population 617, in l936, near the geographic center of the United States.  His mother and brother are recognized regional artists.  Bill’s interest in photography was developed by the time he was 12, when he enrolled in classes at the Joslyn Museum in Omaha. His career […]

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