Kristen Hatgi

A Few years ago studying at the Art Institute of Boston I became aware of wet plate collodion and how … More


Victor Bezrukov

I’m Victor Bezrukov – Israel based Unplugged Freelance Photographer, IT specialist and Information Security consultant. I was involved into photography … More


Eve Arnold

Eve Arnold was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Russian immigrant parents. She began photographing in 1946, while working at a … More


Edgard Garrido

The assignments that I like best are the intimate ones, the ones that touch your emotions and reveal people’s humanity.


Stanko Abadžić

One of the great ironies of globalization is that as people become more connected to technology – email,cell phones, Ipods … More


Sarah Small

Sarah was born in 1979 into a family of musicians, writers, and psychoanalysts. She spent her young childhood concocting gibberish … More