Morocco, Youssef Boudlal

My earliest memories of photography are of taking pictures of my family and other people in my neighbourhood with my old camera, a Canon Programme AE1. This was my first experience in the field of photography, even though I never thought at the time that I would become a photographer. After a year at a […]

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Benedict J. Fernandez

Benedict J. Fernandez was born on April 5, 1936 in New York City, in the Hispanic neighborhood of East Harlem. His father came to America via Puerto Rico, and his mother an Italian American. His photographic education began at age six when he was given a Brownie box camera. His early career was not in […]

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Robert M. Back

I am a photographer based in Kent, South East England and have been passionate about my photography for most of my life now. My location in Kent, close to the coast has influenced much of my work as you will see in my galleries. I have also been fortunate enough to have travelled widely over […]

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Brent Stirton

Brent Stirton is a senior staff photographer for Reportage by Getty Images, New York. He specializes in documentary work and is known for his alternative approaches. He travels an average of ten months of the year on assignment. Stirton works on a regular basis for the Global Business Coalition on HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria. He […]

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Llámame Marta, Katia Repina

María Llopis, famous person in the Spanish PostPorn scene, reflects in an article: “Pornography is a reflection of our sexed society. All our miseries are reflected in it. We live in a world where violence against women is assumed as part of our day to day. [..] I do not worry that mainstream pornography is […]

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Uruma Takezawa

  In 2010, Japanese photographer Uruma Takezawa embarked on an ambitious journey to explore and document people and places in the world’s more remote corners–where people live off the land and in harmony with nature. Traveling by bus, train, on foot, by horseback and even by kayak, Mr. Takezawa traversed 103 countries on four continents in […]

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August Sander

German photographer. After seven years as a miner and a period of national service, he studied painting in Dresden from 1901 to 1902, which allowed him to approach photography artistically. He had developed an interest in photography through work in photographic firms in Berlin, Magdeburg, Halle and Dresden from 1898 to 1899. In 1901 he […]

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Ethiopía, Heiða Helgadóttir

I am a 35 years old photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal & Reykjavík, Iceland. I have had a passion for photography since I was 18 years old, I started out in photography as an apprentice for a portrait studio photographer in 1999  then started working as a full time photographer in 2004. I worked as […]

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