David Bellemere

  David Bellemere was born and raised in Paris.  He discovered photography during his high school years, which led him to study visual arts after his Baccalaureate. While in college, David caught the eye of various French magazines that commissioned him in his early 20s. After graduation David decided to combine his 2 passions, photography […]

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Stéphane Coutelle

Stéphane Coutelle is a French photographer and director, known for his stunning portraits of women, who has succeeded in combining a fine art and a commercial career. Insomnies, to be released April 2014, combines intimate pictures of women with mysterious night landscapes. Shoebox Studio, released by Damiani in March 2012, is a artless series of […]

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Consuelo Kanaga

Consuelo Kanaga, one of the pioneers of modern American photography, began her career as a photojournalist in 1915 in San Francisco. In the 1920s, Alfred Stieglitz inspired her to develop a more aesthetic approach, and a trip to Europe in 1928 awakened her lifelong preoccupation with European modernist painting and the ways in which that […]

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Jason Langer

American photographer Jason Langer (b. 1967) is best known for his psychological and noirish visions of contemporary urban life. Secret City, his first monograph published by Nazraeli Press, depicts night and dusk scenes of various cities with “carefully crafted compositions reminiscent of the symbolist photographers, and swathes of meticulously printed deep black tones characteristic of […]

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Sony Awards 2015

Antoine Weisde Jaime Massieu Héctor Muñoz Antony Crossfield Armin Appel Nick Ng Yeow Kee Norman Quinn Saleh Rozat Yasen Georgiev Wilson Lee Beatriz Rocha Stephanie Anjo Yong Lin Tan Janos M Schmidt Sony World Photography Awards 

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Leo Matiz

    Leo Matiz es uno de los fotógrafos más versátiles y singulares de la legendaria y memorable generación de reporteros gráficos que renovaron la escena del fotoperiodismo durante las primeras seis décadas del siglo XX en América Latina, Estados Unidos y Europa. Matiz nació en rincón Guapo en 1917, una aldea de Aracataca, Magdalena, […]

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Dan St. Andrei

Romanian-born photographer Dan St. Andrei (or Dan Andrei, for short) adopts a philosophical approach to the art of photography. He states: “Life is eventually an eternal attempt to understand your purpose, to build up and mold, to grow and to define yourself … I would like to discover daily reasons to love myself.”  His images […]

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