David Doubilet

David Doubilet is a well known underwater photographer known primarily for his work published in National Geographic Magazine. He was … More

Charlie Hamilton-James

I am a National Geographic Magazine photographer specialising in issues concerning conservation, natural history and anthropology. I hope you enjoy … More

Lazar Ioan Ovidiu

I am a Romanian photographer and a nature enthusiast who developed a strong passion for hiking, this being a relatively … More

Sarah Howard

Sarah’s interest in photography was initiated by her father, himself an accomplished amateur photographer, and developed further through her travels … More

Donald Higgs

Donald is a professional photographer based just a short drive outside of Portland, Oregon. His unique style of composition and … More

Alberto Schommer

Alberto Schommer fue en vida, un fotógrafo de reconocido prestigio al cual el gobierno español otorgó la Medalla de Oro … More

Mara Sánchez Renero

Mara Sánchez Rener studied photography in Barcelona, Spain, where she lived for 10 years. She was part of the collective … More

John Fairclough

John is a “Natural History, Wildlife and Fine Art” photographer. In 2003 John won first prize in an international wildlife … More

Nick Moir

Moir’s passion is capturing the dramatic environmental phenomena of Australia, from its ragged lightning and dust storms and blackening bushfires … More

Pedro Luis Raota

Raota retrató gauchos, niños, obreros, ancianos, campesinos y familias. Lo hizo en la Pampa, en los Andes, en los países … More