Jason Ierace

Jason’s passion for visual aesthetics has been brought to life thanks to a 25-year career in photography and graphic design. Taking influences from years spent travelling and living in foreign cultures, he draws upon life experiences to capture a moment in time. Jason counts photography as his passion, as well as his career, and strives […]

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Steeve Iunker

Press photographer (he works part-time for a daily newspaper), Steeve Iunker tirelessly questions the role(s) of photography and of the image in the fields of information and documentary today in a radical and political way. What’s the point of being aware of everything happening in the world – at least potentially – when we like […]

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Raúl Cañibano Ercilla

Mi nombre es Raúl Cañibano Ercilla. Nací en la ciudad de La Habana un 10 de agosto de 1961. Mi infancia transcurrió entre el campo y la ciudad ya que desde pequeño residí junto a mi familia materna en la provincia de Cienfuegos primero y luego en el central azucarero Argelia Libre en la provincia […]

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Takaki Hashimoto

I express the spirit of beauty of Japan via my photograph. I am very interested in my heritage and I am proud of it.I pursued my spirit of beauty, and I arrived at an old Japan spirit of beauty. My photograph contains the mode of expression of a Japanese picture

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Ata Kandó

Photographer Ata Kandó came from a family of intellectuals. She trained at the Bortnyik School, a private art school in Budapest where she met her first husband, the painter Gyula Kandó. After completing her training, she became an apprentice with the photographers Klara Wachter and Haar Ferenc. She took her final exam under Professor Joszef […]

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