Pedro Luis Raota

Pedro Luis Raota (1934 – 1986) fue un fotógrafo argentino conocido internacionalmente, se le considera uno de los mejores fotógrafos … More


Guillermo De Angelis

After doing architecture, design and philosophy I dove into photography. With the sort of enthusiasm that drives you to move forward, or better still, … More


Walter Astrada

  Walter Astrada was born in 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started his career as a staff photographer at … More


Adriana Lestido

  Nació en Buenos Aires en 1955. Vive en Buenos Aires y Mar de las Pampas, Argentina. Adriana Lestido comenzó … More

Carolina Camps

In 2007, photographer Carolina Camps documented women living with their children inside Argentina’s Los Hornos women’s prison. Five years later, … More