Tamara Černá (SofiG)

She was born in Ostrava in the family, who came from Austrian Galicia, from Lvov, in the period after the October Revolution. She studied dance from early childhood. Tamara enrolled in the study with a focus on classical ballet. She studied also modern dance. At the school she got general knowledge from other artistic disciplines […]

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Viktor Kolar

Viktor Kolář was born in 1941 in Ostrava. His father, a self-taught filmmaker and photographer, was the owner of a photo studio and photo shop, which was one of the important factors that led his young son to photography In 1953, he began taking his first photographs, and soon familiarized himself with the works of […]

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Josef Koudelka

Born in a tiny village of Moravia, Koudelka began photographing his family and surroundings as a teenager with a 6 x 6 Bakelite camera. He was trained at the Technical University in Prague and worked as an aeronautical engineer in Prague and Bratislava from 1961-67. He had been able to obtain an old Rolleiflex and […]

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Petr Flynt

Granted, I might list several photographers whose work is distinctly non-classical. Consider for example Petr Flynt and Evir Bogdan. Their work is inventive, imaginative, unique, exciting, and just plain wonderful. A feast for the eyes and reflective of a photographic intellect at work that transcends the concept of “classic.” If I photographed like them, I […]

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Bára Prášilová

      Bára Prášilová was born in the Czech Republic and got qualified as a photographer at the The Institute of Creative Photography at Silesian University. She lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. A key role in her work plays her memory, mixture of real and fictional as well as her sense of […]

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Vojtech V. Sláma

Born (1974) in Brno, Czech Republic; his life has been connected with Brno and Jevišovice. A graduate of Secondary School of Artistic Crafts Brno, a member of group named Česká Paralaxa (Czech Parallax) and Steiner Group. A freelance photographer. At present a student of master’s degree at Institute of Creative Photography of Faculty of Arts […]

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Photography for me is a means to express my deep respect and admiration for the beauty of the female form, and for women as themselves. Nature has created a gift, a monument- the female body- which is natural in its beauty and  also absolutely perfect in its curves and shapes. The significance of such a […]

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